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The Keto diet is a high-fat weight-loss diet that requires about 60% fat. By replacing carbs with fat, the body enters a state of ketosis and burns excess fats, allowing you to lose weight. While the keto diet is effective, it cuts out many essential food groups which could lead to nutrient deficiency. Supplement the body's nutritional needs by taking Nutrivein all-natural supplements to make up for lacking vitamins and minerals in your diet. Here’s a list of supplements you can consider taking when you're on a keto diet.


Magnesium Supplements

While the keto diet allows the consumption of magnesium-rich foods like mackerel, spinach, and avocado, incorporating these items into your daily meal plan can be challenging. Many foods rich in magnesium like beans contain a lot of carbs, so a lot of people do not meet their magnesium needs while on a keto diet. Nutrivein magnesium supplements supply additional nutrients to help you avoid muscle cramps and irritability and contribute to a balanced diet.


Whole Food Multivitamin

Consuming the right balance of micro and macro nutrients  crucial to staying healthy. Unlike traditional multivitamins with synthetic compounds made in a lab, we've sourced all of our ingredients from concentrated whole food fruits. On top of it all, Our Whole Food Multivitamin combines the benefits of a nutrition focused multivitamin with the enzymes and probiotics you need to maintain a healthy gut with a balanced microbiome. 

Vitamin C Supplements

Restricting carbohydrate-rich foods creates a risk of inadequate vitamin C in the body. Since vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that you need to consume regularly, insufficient intake of this vitamin could make you prone to sickness and compromise your immune system.  While you’re on the keto diet, you can ensure that you’re always feeling great, staying in shape, and maintaining strong bone health by incorporating vitamin C supplements. 



All-Natural Keto Supplements

Achieving required fat levels can be challenging when you are on a keto diet. Help your body’s efforts to induce ketosis and burn fat by supplementing with all-natural Premium Keto supplements. Nutrivein’s vegan, organic BHB salt diet pills raise your ketone levels to maximize the effect of your diet and workout.

A keto diet could kick start your journey to losing weight but don't just focus on what you eat. It’s equally important to make sure your body is getting enough nutrients. When needed, augment your diet with all-natural supplements from Nutriveim to provide your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to stay in top shape.

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